Test or Forecast

Emissions Analytics has now tested over 800 vehicles, covering a wide range of makes, models and engine types. This enables us to forecast emissions for cars we haven’t yet tested. So, the table contains CO2 numbers for almost every car on sale in the UK in the last five years, clearly labelled whether they are are based on an actual Test or Forecast.

The EQUA Carbon Dioxide Index

What is the issue?

Like fuel economy (Mpg), the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by passenger cars is determined in a laboratory using the New European Drive Cycle. This means the amount of CO2 actually emitted during real-world driving is higher than published because the official test is no longer fit for purpose.

For drivers wishing to make a greener purchasing decision in an effort to reduce their vehicle’s contribution to global warming, the official data is on average 30% lower than real-world CO2 emissions.

How the EQUA CO2 Index helps

With more test results than any other independent organisation, Emissions Analytics has pioneered the use of PEMS to compare real-world vehicle performance.

The EQUA CO2 Index provides an easy to understand rating from A++ to H, allowing comparison between vehicles regardless of fuel type. It also reveals how close it gets to the official figures on a scale of 1-5. For example an “A1” would be the least polluting car (A) with the most accurate official CO2 results (1) while “H5” is the worst polluter (H) and furthest from the official number (5).

Ratings Explained

Rating Lower bound1 Upper bound2
A 125
B 125 150
C 150 175
D 175 200
E 200 225
F 225 250
G 250 275
H 275  –
Units: g/km, 1 exclusive, 2 inclusive