Time to decide the car for our 1000th test

Since rigging our first car with PEMS equipment in 2011, we have tested almost 1000 vehicles. To mark this milestone we want you to suggest our 1000th automobile. To give you some ideas we have put together a summary of the best performers, the worst and everything in between. Plus our testers have shared their favourites.

  • Number of cars tested in UK  672
  • Number of cars tested in USA  315
  • Number of diesels tested  402
  • Number of petrols tested  585
  • Number of miles driven  96,075
  • Number of data points recorded  9,450,000
  • Most miles per gallon  2012 Citroen C3
    • 70.3mpg (UK)
    • 58.6mpg (USA)
    • 4.0l/100km (EU)
  • Fewest miles per gallon  1968 Plymouth GTX
    • 12.8mpg (UK)
    • 10.7mpg (USA)
    • 22.1l/100km (EU)

Testers’ favourites

Sam Boyle – Dodge Charger SRT (the Hellcat) – “700hp in a family car, what all dads are looking for!”
Steve Hayton – Aston Martin Vantage – “Very cool and the only one to meet its offical mpg in 2014”
Jesus Flores – Audi A7 – “Very sleek interior, amazing drive and great mpg”
Adam Shawford – Janguar F-type – “It looks amazing and has a soundtrack to match”
Femi Idowu – Mercedes Benz S300 – “Everything you could want in a car, luxurious and classy.”
Chris Conway – VW Golf R – “The TrueMPG is great for the performance and it sounds epic!”

Test#1000 – You decide!

Tell us which car you think we should test, it could be one you think is particularly good on fuel economy, or particularly bad for NOx. It could be a classic or brand new. As long as it’s road-worthy we can test it so get thinking. Suggest a car.

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