Out and about in September

After the relative calm of the holiday period, September is ramping up to be a busy month for Emissions Analytics. We are taking to the road (and sky) for a number of speaking engagements at events and conferences around the world. We would love the chance to meet up so if you are going to be at any of the following events, please get in touch.

Emission Challenges 2014
Troy, Michigan, USA
9-10 September
Nick Molden: New truths about emissions from real world data

Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2014nick-quare
Millbrook Proving Ground, UK
10-11 September

Gaseous Fuels for Road Vehicles
London, UK
11 September

The IRTE Conference
Burton on Trent, UKjane-quare
17 September

20th International Transport and Air Pollution Conference
Graz, Austria18-19 September
Jane Thomas: On-road nitrogen oxide emissions from modern diesel vehicles and the effects of DPF regeneration

Real Driving Emissions
Dusseldorf, Germany
17-19 September
Nick Molden: How to conduct PEMS testing effectively and maximise its value: a case study of 800 tests

SEMTECH Users Network Conference
Dusseldorf, Germany
30 September – 1 November
Nick Molden: Experiences of, and insights from, real driving emissions testing

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